To our King & Fields family and Charleston friends… 

We are one of the many small businesses being gravely affected by COVID-19. It’s a tough time for all, but if there's one thing we know how to do it's to capture the magic that exists within your lives each day.

These are unprecedented times. And this time together has resulted in new discoveries, new promises, new memories being created - And now, more than ever, your story needs to be captured.

So, we have created some special offers we are calling “deals of a lifetime.”

Purchase now, and do your session anytime.
No limits. No expiration date. We’re here for you now, or whenever you’re ready.

- These sessions will take place in open spaces such as parks or beaches, or even your own home.
- Our camera gear is cleaned and disinfected.
- We are able to pose and direct you without physical contact.
- Our Day in the Life sessions will take place wherever you are throughout your day, and no posing or direction is used in these! You simply live your life, be yourself, and soak up all the love and connection within your family.  

The silver lining in these dark clouds is that the time you are getting with your loved ones… this is the time you will look back and say, “The world stopped, but our love kept us going.”

And that is something worth holding on to, isn't it?