Charleston’s restaurant scene changes on a monthly basis, so there are always new places to explore. Here’s a list of places we love and go to the most often. In general, you don’t have to just eat Southern food here…there are lots of restaurants that veer in different directions – authentic Mexican, Asian-fusion, and other fare that’s super-inventive and experimental.

For a small city, this place has world-class places to eat and drink. We’ve historically been a very lively place to go out, and any night of the week you can walk down King Street and have one of the best nights of the year.

So eat, drink and explore. We’re glad you’re here!

Our favorite things to do in Charleston, SC

Best Restaurants

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Best Bars

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Butcher and Bee
1085 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC 29403  / (843) 619-0202
Our go-to place in Charleston for dinner with a mix of Mediterranean, Israeli and Southern food. We love the hummus and the kebabs. The whipped feta is a must-try. Plus they also have world-class sandwiches for lunch. Great coffee as well anytime.

Edmund’s Oast
1081 Morrison Dr, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 619-0202
Great beer, meats and cheeses, along with a full restaurant. Fun for happy hour, or a late dinner. Try their PBJ beer if it’s in stock (it tastes just like peanut butter and jelly). And order the Underberg for an after-dinner drink (ask for the tall, skinny glass).

Lewis BBQ
464 N Nassau St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 805-9500
Texas-style BBQ. Brisket is incredible and as good as anything we’ve had in the South. Make sure to get the green chile corn pudding and the potato fries.

1503 King St, Charleston, SC 29405 / (843) 996-450
Known around town as a “fancy food court”, this is our regular Friday night spot with our kids and all the other neighborhood kids. Home to several different and always changing food vendors, adults can drink wine while the kids run round like crazy on the astroturf. This place is the future of the upper peninsula.

1302 Meeting Street Rd, Charleston, SC 29405 / (843) 722-2633
When we want a margarita and authentic tortilla chips, this is where we go. Get a pitcher, and relax. The staff is really nice and the food is exactly like we find in Mexico. This is a great break from the fancy food scene, and always a place we feel at home. 

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
1011 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 990-9535
Just a few blocks from the studio, we go here for chicken, pork and a good set of sides (the cornbread is a must!). Rodney just got the James Beard award for best new chef in the Southeast.

Martha Lou’s Kitchen
1068 Morrison Dr, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 577-9583
Legit Southern food. The place looks like a place you might not automatically go, but is consistently rated one of the most authentic places in town and has been reviewed by the New York Times. You’ll be served by Martha Lou herself, or her daughter. Get the fried chicken and sweet tea.

Harbinger Cafe
1107 King Street, Charleston SC 29403
Awesome, almost completely vegan, cafe right under our photo studio. Delicious, plant-based pastries will blow you away. You’ll never miss the butter. Also good for a healthy lunch of salads, quiche and unique sandwiches.

Uptown (by our studio)

Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Uptown     Midtown     Downtown

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Chez Nous
6 Payne Ct, Charleston, SC 29403
Small, romantic, charming. They have a set menu that changes every day, which 
you can see around noon on their instagram account!

Xiao Bao Biscuit
224 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403
This is a local favorite. Small but incredible menu, focusing on hybrid Asian dishes. 
Get the Okonomiyaki pancake there for sure. We usually order literally everything on the menu and share it. And the drinks are really interesting and great.

Dellz Uptown
511 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403
Vegan-friendly, Caribbean-inspired food. No matter what, get the Jazzy pizza. They have a normal and dairy-free version.

Chubby Fish
252 Coming St, Charleston, SC 29403
New, hip seafood place. We’ve only been here once, but that’s only because it’s so popular it’s tough to get in. But worth it if you do.

Sorghum and Salt
186 Coming St, Charleston, SC 29403
The owner, Tres, brings just about every flavor you can imagine into every dish - Southern, Indian, Mexican - and makes it all work in a way you’ve never experienced anywhere else. We’ve never had a dinner there that wasn’t memorable. Or sometimes, we can’t remember at all after a few glasses of wine. 

721 King St, Charleston, SC 29403
This is a new high-end Italian place and a sister restaurant to Leon’s (great oysters and chicken sandwiches) and Little Jack’s (great hamburgers). When you go to Melfi’s, leave the kids at home and have a good adult night out. Lively, electric atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re in the Sopranos.

Hall’s Chophouse
434 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 727-0090
Probably the best steaks, and absolutely the best service, in town. If you want an amazing experience you’re going to remember a long time, go here. Also, one of my favorite bars in town to meet some real characters. If you talk to people at the bar, you’re going to hear some stories. This is a real Southern experience.

The Rarebit
474 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 974-5483
Raheel’s favorite place for chicken and waffles.

The Darling Oyster Bar
513 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 641-0821
One of Erin’s favorite places to go out for seafood and drinks. But also Ben’s favorite hamburger. DO NOT LEAVE without ordering the clam chowder over fries. Trust us on this one. And of course, the oysters are great too. The Darling also has one of the prettiest interior designs in town. 

The Daily
652 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 619-0151
Best coffee in town (along with their second location inside The Gibbes Museum of Art and Harold’s Cabin - see below). The Daily is a sister restaurant to Butcher and Bee, and one of our regular breakfast haunts. Also, when we say this is the best coffee in town, we actually mean it.

Harold’s Cabin
247 Congress St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 793-4440
Great coffee/speciality coffee drinks and food. Open for lunch and dinner, and we are also regulars there for brunch on Saturday or Sunday (you can’t go wrong with the egg and pimento cheese biscuit). Generally easy to get in, and they grow a lot of their produce on the roof. Cozy, woodsy atmosphere.


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153 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 789-2241
Founded by chef Sean Brock but not owned by him anymore (BUT still as good as ever!). If you want the best deal in town, get “The Burrito” (you won’t be able to finish it) and a big Tecate. Homemade tortilla chips and killer Mexican cocktails.

167 RAW
289 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 579-4997
Best seafood, along with The Ordinary, in town. Very small though, and usually a wait. Prepare to wait outside - there’s no room inside. We’ve had luck doing a late lunch there around 4-5 pm on a Tuesday. Start with the ceviche and/or guacamole so you have an excuse to eat their amazing homemade tortilla chips.

232 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 805-5900
It’s hard to beat FIG. If you can get a reservation (usually you need to do this a month of two in advance), just go. There is a reason why this restaurant is always on everyone’s best-of list.

Second State Coffee
70.5 Beaufain St, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 793-4402
Another really good (hipster) coffee shop if you’re in that part of town.


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Monarch Wine Merchants
1107 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 576-4845
Our favorite place to find wine in town…and it happens to be right below our photo studio. Justin Coleman, who owns Monarch, is a sommelier who has a true talent for finding old-world wine. Justin thoughtfully selects every single wine he sells, and knows everything about each one. Every single bottle in the store has a story (make sure to read the tags Justin hand-writes himself), so you’ll be entertained from the moment you walk in. 

Pence's Liquor & Wine
334 E Bay St A, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 277-2534
Ben’s favorite place in town to buy alcohol that doesn’t involve wine. It’s small and family-owned, and the staff is really helpful. The store is never too busy or crowded to really take your time and explore, while asking a lot of questions about what to try. Burris Liquor (418 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403) has a better selection for some things, but the place is always packed and a little chaotic.

The Dewberry
334 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 558-8000
One of the newest, swankiest hotels in town is also one the classiest bars. Go here to sit in the lounge and feel like you’re in Mad Men. Mid-century modern design will really take you back in time. The restaurant here is also very, very good.

547 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 793-2964
Great cocktails and dinner, with music at night that is usually Jazz. If you want a bourbon drink, go here.

Faculty Lounge
391 Huger St, Charleston, SC 29403 /
(843) 203-6150
Charleston speakeasy…ring the doorbell and you’ll be let in. Most popular with the 20 and 30-somethings, the hipsters, the locals. Lots of interesting cocktails and a cool vibe. No signage, so you’ll feel very cool knowing about this place. 

The Royal American
 970 Morrison Dr, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 817-6925
One part hipster bar, one-part biker bar, this place is a photographer’s dream with some of the best music in town on a nightly basis.
Very cool design inside - red, sexy, hip and interesting.

Best Bars / Alcohol
in Charleston, SC


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As residents, we aren’t always the best at taking advantage of everything Charleston has to offer. We tend to go out to dinner more than we go to places where tourists might visit. But here are some of the places we do go to all the time. And for more ideas, Charleston CVB's website is really helpful.

Favorite activities to do with kids & Family in charleston, sc

Rent a bike: Affordable Bicycle Shop
573 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 789-3281
When the weather is nice (and it usually is, even if it’s hot), getting on a bike and exploring downtown is one of our favorite things to do. When our friends are in town, this is where we go to get them a bike so we can all ride together. 

Fort Sumter National Monument / (843) 883-3123
This is where the Civil War started, and worth a visit anytime you can go. Plus you get to take a ferry out there and just imagine life in Charleston in the 1800s. Ben would go here every week if he could.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry
25 Ann St, Charleston, SC 29403 / (843) 853-8962
One of the gems of downtown, this museum can keep your children happy for hours. Our kids are regulars here. Goes without saying, but this is the perfect solution for a rainy day on your vacation.

South Carolina Aquarium
100 Aquarium Wharf, Charleston, SC 29401 / (843) 577-3474
A place to take your children for just an hour, or half a day. 

The Beaches
Folly or Sullivan’s? Go to Folly Beach for a more eclectic South Carolina experience with lots of entertainment. Go to Sullivan’s if you want a more calm day. Both are great, and one of the best parts of living here.

Folly Beach
West Ashley Avenue, Folly Beach, SC / (843) 762-9960
Folly Beach County Park (at the very end of the island. You’ll need to pay to park, but it’s a little less crowded than the main beach, and there are bathrooms).

Sullivan’s Island
1851 Thee St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482
During the summer, this is the beach we usually go to the most. Roxy loves it here. Super chill, and you’ll meet other families and hang out with new friends. Bonus: there’s often a tidal pool for the kids to play in. 

Kiawah Island Golf Resort
1 Sanctuary Beach Dr,
Kiawah Island, SC 29455 / (843) 768-2121
There aren’t many places that are more relaxing or luxurious on the East Coast than Kiawah Island. You’ll need to be staying at the resort, or renting a house, to get past the gate house. But if you want to splurge on your vacation, this is a great place to do it.

Charleston Farmers Market
329 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 724-7305
On Saturdays from 8 am-2pm, April 14th-November 24th, you can’t beat a good farmer’s market morning.

Carriage tours
CVB's listings for top carriage tours in Charleston.
There are a lot of companies that provide tours, and we’ve never tried them all. But with Charleston’s fascinating history that dates back to the 1600s, you’ll love getting to hear the stories behind each home and street you go down.

Plantation Tours
CVB's listings for the best plantation tours in Charleston.
If you love history, you’ll love visiting all the plantations in the area. 

Hampton Park
30 Mary Murray Dr, Charleston, SC 29403
Charleston’s version of Central Park or Golden Gate Park, this is where we go as locals to hang out, ride our bikes and visit the ducks. The light coming through the Spanish moss on the ancient oak trees is mesmerizing and always peaceful. 

Walk the Battery
East Battery Street and Murray Boulevard, Charleston, SC 29401
Charleston loves to live in the past, and there’s no better part of the city to feel that than the Battery. The mansions date back centuries, and you can just feel the presence of 400 years of people doing the exact same thing as you are right now. You could walk the Battery every day and never get tired of it.

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