Are you ready to feel the liberation, excitement and success that is possible when you take charge of your gift as a photographer and use it to its fullest extent?




Erin & Ben Chrisman


In their 20 years as photographers, Erin and Ben have learned to evolve, from journalists to wedding photographers and now to portrait photographers. They still photograph weddings all over the world, but at home they are studio photographers at King & Fields Studios. They use their cameras every day now - not just Saturdays – photographing everything from family portraits to pets to boudoir. It’s a daily adventure that has changed everything and shown them what their future as photographers looks like.

- How to photograph weddings in a meaningful and more effective way.
- How to maximize a wedding with additional shoots.
- How to combine creativity and artistry with what clients actually want.
- How to shoot for artwork that people will be proud to display.

What you will learn

Raheel Gauba


Ever since leaving his role as creative director for a billion-dollar company, Raheel met Erin and Ben through the wedding community and, since then, they have been inseparable. Together, they have built a portrait studio that delivers meaningful photographic experiences. Raheel gives clients the chance to see how truly valuable they are in their careers as well as their personal lives from his first phone call with them. Taking a typical headshot inquiry and turning it into a personal growth experience resulting in multiple shoots, clients see their passion and potential in the photographs and artwork created for them.

- How to create value before you even pick up the camera.
- How to deliver a personal and professional photographic experience.
- How to maximize the sales potential of each session.
- Live shoot, editing and client presentation.




For the photographer in you that never wants to stop creating, this part of the workshop will give you inspiration and techniques you’ll use the rest of your life. Having spent over 10 years walking into every scene and figuring out a way to make it unique, Mauricio will show you how to explore within yourself to make the obvious abstract, and the abstract make perfect sense. This is a unique opportunity to get inside the head of an experimental artist who loves to share and create with other like-minded souls.

- How to work with light, layers and reflections.
- How to use human connection to elevate your photographs.
- How to direct a couples session and boudoir session with live shoots.
- Post-production to bring your work to a new level of sophistication.


Sean LeBlanc


After an established career as an engineer at a multi-billion-dollar energy company, Sean found his true calling for people and photography. He resigned from the corporate world to pursue his passion for photography and built an award-winning luxury wedding and portrait studio. Sean's passion for storytelling through bold creative photography has taken him from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, all over the world. He has a keen eye for detail and a nose for new opportunities with elite clientele.

- How to master the creative process and photograph for artwork.
- Learn to see, compose, create for products.
- How to design and present wedding and portrait albums.
- How to deliver value so that clients are left speechless
and want to pay in full at the presentation.



These are the companies and the people who have been instrumental in our success. We are proud to represent them and have them by our side.


Voted the #1 small city in all of America, Charleston, SC is known for its romantic streets and world renowned restaurants. Home to King & Fields Studios HQ, you will learn, shoot and party here, and bask in the scenic, peaceful beauty of the historic landscape and experience the best of southern hospitality.

The American Theater
Opened in 1942 as Charleston's premier movie house, the American Theater's regal Art Deco architecture and timeless Hollywood glamour make this sophisticated event venue worthy of red carpets and dazzling marquees.



Students will be divided into four smaller groups. Each group will spend one full day with each instructor. Each day will be a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, including live shoots and post-production. The final day will bring everyone together and we will review student portfolios, websites, marketing and business strategies.

9:30am - 5:30pm

Dinner, conversations & hangouts:
6:30pm +

Travel & Lodging

You will be flying into and out of Charleston International Airport (CHS).
Please make sure you arrive in Charleston, SC by March 15th, 2020.
We recommend booking your outbound flight the day after your final workshop day.

Area and hotel recommendations coming soon!


Your tuition to Evolution is jam packed with four days of enlightenment, learning and tons of fun!

- Four full days of intensive, hands on masterclasses
- Light snacks and refreshments throughout the day
- Dinner and party on final night
- Studio tour: King & Fields Studios
- A complete Graphistudio product line experience

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