Expecting the unexpected. That's where the magic is. 

King & Fields Studios is a result of two world-renowned studios coming together to deliver an unmatched photographic experience to our clients.

It all started back in 2015 when Ben & Erin of Chrisman Studios moved to Charleston and had a dream of opening a photography studio one day. Around the same time, they met Raheel & Maryam of Fia Forever Photography who had been dreaming about connecting people through unforgettable experiences with their own photography.

Together, we imagined a studio that would have relevance and longevity in our community that would stand the test of time and become an essential, must-have portrait experience for Charleston residents and vacationers who come here year after year from all over the world looking for meaningful family time.

We're excited to announce that this dream has come true for us.
Welcome to King & Fields Studios, where your ultimate photographic experience awaits.

We are so grateful to you for trusting us, and we're so excited about creating photographs for you that will bring endless joy into your home every day.

With love,
Erin, Ben & Raheel


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